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Kinship Structure
Rank Structure within the Warband of Imladris

The Warband is based out of Imladris and the House of Lord Elrond. The Chosen warriors can often be found relaxing around the Halls of Lord Elrond or training their skills in the Warrior Camp established in the western end of the valley.

The leader of the Kin, known as 'The Voice' by the Warband, is currently Nystal Illuvitar the esteemed teacher to the Lady Elisbeth Starfire. He is literally the Voice of the Warband for all matters dealing directly with the Grey Council.

To advise The Voice in all matters there is a small company of Officers, these are as follows:

The Warband Captain who is presently Khalis Imieran, a long term companion of Elisbeth Starfire. The Captain's role is to direct combat when the Warband goes into battle.

Lady Elisbeth Starfire was the first leader of the Warband chosen from the three founding members Elisbeth, Tagos and Khalis. No-one beyond the immediate caun-ship knew that her true purpose was to protect Lord Khalis Imieran.

Lord Virthalion Drugul, longstanding member of the Warband and counted among the Sil Maethor. Despite being young for one of the eldar, he has earned the deepest respect of the Council and Lord Elrond through his service with the Warband.

Rank Structure

Lay Member (Sindarin - Neth Megil (new sword) )
Newer members are known as Lay members, such members have been spotted by a member of the Warband and have shown promise to become one of the Initiated. They will be granted an honorary membership and given the chance to show their potential for a short period of time. It gives everyone a chance to get to know each other.
Once the Lay member has settled in, they will either be tasked to undertake a quest or informed they have failed to meet the standard. In the latter case, it’s the Warband's duty to ensure they are escorted safely to where ever they wish to go.

Criteria required to become a Lay member:-
(1) To have followed the recruitment procedure and have met with one of the Officers and impressed upon them the reasons why they should be taken into the fold.

Initiated or Chosen Warrior ( Sindarin - Leutha Maethor (chosen warrior) )
Full members of the Warband are known as the Initiated, for all have been handpicked by the Officers to serve amongst the Warband. In battle the Initiated fight with precision and courage. They are encouraged to spend time with their fellow meathor for the strength of the Warband is its ability to think and act as one entity.

Criteria required to become one of the Chosen:-
(1) Have successfully completed the tasks given to them by the Officers.
(2) To have taken the Oath of the in front of the assembled Warband in Imladris
(3) They are encouraged to begin to build reputation among those in Rivendell.

Shining Warriors ( Sindarin - Sil Maethor (shining warrior) )
Once a warrior has attained this rank, they are considered to be among the leading warriors of the Warband. Now they will, with experience, become masters of their own arts and serve as mentors for the new lay members who may join the ranks of the Warband. They may also choose to take on a slightly different role, one which is not compulsory and that is of becoming one of the Tiri Daethor ( common - warrior who watches for shadow ).

Criteria required to become one of the Shining:-
(1) Have attained the maximum achievable level in their chosen path.
(2) Have raised their reputation among the elves of Imladris, The Galadhrim and the Malledhrim to Kindred and thus be awarded the White Elven Ambassadorial Steed
(3) Primary Virtues (virtues which have influence on your class discipline ie Will, Crit Def etc) to be raised to the maximum attainable.
(4) Be able to fully trait two class lines (red/blue or yellow) including capstone.
(5) Have organized and led kinship events demonstrating the ability to plan, lead and control them. Or demonstrate a role which brings something unique to the kinship.
(6) Have faced and single-handed, defeated a fabled creature in the sight of a Caun of the Kinship, and have written a saga of the tale.

Warder ( Sindarin - Tiri Daethor (warrior who watches for shadow )
A warrior who wishes to serve as one of the Tiri Daethor will become a watcher of a particular area of Eregion such as Breeland, Forochel, Angmar etc. They must have shown an excellent working knowledge of the area they wish to become a watcher of and also have built up a kindred relationship with the free people in that area (ie kindred rep). There can only be one warder of each area as outlined by the Officers of the Warband, and they will be expected to act as the focal point for any missions into their areas.

Officers ( Sindarin - Caun )
Should the need arise to appoint another officer then they will be chosen from the ranks of the Sil Maethor after a discussion between the existing Tur and Cauns. Needless to say the candidate would need to show a selfless approach to the day to day life in the Warband.